Asterisk Support Contract with a defined Service Level Agreement

There are many ways in which we can offer you Asterisk Support Services. Some clients are happy to pay a fixed sum each month in order that they can rest assured that they will receive prompt and professional Asterisk Support the moment they need it, without having to concern themselves with unexpected support invoices. This kind of support plan will usually include a service level agreement so that when a call is logged, the severity of the problem is agreed and the support incident is then progressed within pre-agreed timescales.

Ad-hoc Asterisk Support / Pay As You Go Support

Other clients prefer to pay for their Asterisk Support on an ad-hoc, pay as you go basis. This approach has its merits in that when there are no support issues, there are no invoices to be paid. However, in the event of a catastrophic problem, clients could be faced with a considerable, unexpected support invoice to deal with.


Another problem with ad-hoc Asterisk Support is that it does not allow us to carry out any scheduled / preventative maintenance. Unless they are checked and found early, small problems can eventually become big problems. This is why we always recommend our clients engage with us in an Asterisk Support Contract with a defined Service Level Agreement.


Asterisk Installation, Configuration and Consultancy

Asterisk Expert are also available for installation, configuration and consultancy services. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to meet them in a prompt professional manner.

Asterisk Problem Troubleshooting

Whilst Asterisk PBX is a very powerful software call switching platform, even when you have your own dedicated support team tasked with setting up and configuring your system, there certainly may be are times when you require additional advice and support.

Your phone switch is at the very heart of your business communication and expeditious identification and resolution of problems relating to your PBX is of paramount importance to your business. Asterisk Expert can provide you with this additional level of backup Asterisk Support should you require it.

Asterisk Expert has worked with Asterisk since 2005 and as a Digium Partner we are well placed to offer the highest levels of support on even the most complicated Asterisk implementations.

We can offer ad-hoc trouble-shooting or a structured, contractual approach giving you greater peace of mind and ensuring your clients and suppliers stay connected.

Contact us today to discuss your individual Asterisk Support requirements.

Asterisk Expert also offers:

Asterisk Consultancy

Asterisk and other VoIP services can really empower your business, but just because Asterisk is open source and free to download from the Internet, please do not overlook the importance of thorough, prior thought and planning.

Asterisk Expert are a Digium Partner and enjoy a wealth of experience deploying and integrating Asterisk in businesses across the UK and beyond.

We would be happy to assist you with planning, installing and supporting your Asterisk PBX System. For further information contact us today.

Failure to plan is planning to fail! Contact Asterisk Expert today to discuss your requirements for an Asterisk Support Plan.