Call Centre Telephone Systems.

Are you lookin for someone to do a call centre installation? Asterisk is widely used as the telephone system of choice for call centres across the world.

Large or small, Asterisk fits the bill. Manual or predictive diallers, walk away codes, scheduled call backs, same or different agent, and so on. It's all available to you when you use Asterisk in your call centre.

A further benefit is the availability of lines when using VoIP. Rather than spend an huge amount of money on an ISDN30 to give you 30 lines at a cost of around £15 per month per line, VoIP lines can be used for £0 per month, with no setup fees. That represents a saving of £450 per month or £5400 per annum!

Asterisk if often used in conjunction with other tools such as Queuemetrics or Vicidial to create powerful call centre centre solutions.

No matter what size of operation you plan to run, Asterisk will be a very capable, reliable, scaleable and cost effective choice. Some contact centres that use Asterisk include Symantec Message Labs and

Some of the features that will help streamline your call center business are :-

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