Telephone Call Recording

If you are looking for a telephone call recording solution we can help.

You may either use Asterisk as a telephone system in itself, which has inbuilt support for call recording or you can have Asterisk sandwiched between the telephone network (SIP/ISDN/Analogue) and your existing Telephone System (PBX) in order to record all calls that pass through it.

Call recording can be pretty resource intensive, and so for larger offices and call centres, we use specialist call recording software running on a seperate server. Our software of choice is Oreca TR from

OrecX The Open Source Recording Company

Oreka Total Recording (TR)

Oreka TR is a purpose built software application for managing the recording, retrieval and playback of recorded calls.

Oreca TR Call Recording Software

Oreka TR allows you to search, find and categorize recordings based on the time or date of the call, the incoming phone number, the outgoing phone number or other variables. The VoIP Ready Oreka TR solution brings enhanced functionality to the Oreka GPL recorder. Access to the recordings is made via any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, without installing any additional software. Replay of calls works with any standard media player. Powerful and flexible search criteria allow for immediate and accurate retrieval of required calls.

Recording and Storage

The User interface

Recording retrieval can be done using the following criteria (when available):

Asterisk Expert works closely with OrecX to meet the varying needs of our mutual customers.

Watch a video of Craig McCue from OrecX being interviewed at IT Expo 2010, Los Angeles, CA

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